About Jim


     I was raised in Provo, Utah, where I discovered my love of photography and spent long hours in the dark room and chasing the perfect balance of black and white from behind the lens.  My wife, Celia, was born and raised in St. George, Utah.  As we married and I pursued a fulfilling medical career, I held my passion for photography to a low boil on the back burner.  In the last few years since my retirement, I have finally been able to devote time to study and refine my photography skills and in the process lure my wife into this world of natural discovery.  Together we have been able to travel and study, honing our vision and our photography skills as we strive to faithfully reproduce the wonder that our senses perceive.  We have taken courses by Chris Orwig, Duke McClelland, Jim Altengarten and others.  We have photographs on display for sale at Custom Jewelry Gallery and had photos printed  in Southern Utah Neighbors, and  Ensign.  Photographs have been purchased by the Arizona Strip Interpretive Association for sale at the BLM office in St. George, Utah and at Advanced Health Management and Research Center in Ephriam, Utah .

     Today’s digital darkroom offers so much marvelous potential to communicate the wonder we perceive with all our senses in the narrow confines of a two-dimensional photograph.  I am committed to faithfully and passionately sharing the varied moods of nature that are so palpable to me at the time I capture an image by using every tool available to me.  Together my wife and I challenge and improve each other’s skills and creativity as we seek to share with you this marvelous world and strive to record its beauty in intriguing and interesting ways.

Please, come see the world through our lenses.